Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Upon initial inspection, special (safe) Alkaline based chemicals are saturated on your floors to help emulsify and uplift soils. A “Turbo” Cleaning tool which hovers over your floors is a specially designed tile & grout cleaning tool powered by a 4-cylinder engine producing consistent hot steam and suction (2 Hoses will safely enter your home or business). When this process is completed, the difference will be night and day. All floors have different visual results, however the end result will be dramatic. As a final step, quality clear water-based sealer is applied to help spills and stains stay on top (bead/repel) on both the tile and grout. The water based sealer will not change the composition of the tile or the grout and will leave your floors looking natural. We recommend your tile and grout is cleaned and sealed using the process once a year, to keep your floors looking “like new” year around! Your floors will look aesthetically beautiful as well as healthy fresh!

Color Sealing

This new process allows us to completely change the look of your existing grout to any of our designer colors. This is a great way to restore older stained grout or grout that needs a “new look”. Upon job approval, your tile and grout will be cleaned first to see if color sealing is still your choice. Once the grout dries we apply a colored dye using assorted paint brushes or a toothbrush. This process does not make your grout lines look painted, but it will have the appearance of fresh, re-grouted joints. The dye does not penetrate into the tile and is wiped off after the grout lines dry. This dye has a built-in impregnating sealer which allows for easier cleaning of grout lines and acts as a repellent. The duration of the Grout Color Sealing process depends upon how much area will be covered: commonly one full day is the norm. Your cleaned and Grout Color Sealed floors will have a “like-new” appearance and you will be instructed on how to keep your tile and grout clean in the years to come. Quite often I am asked where color sealing can be applied, and my answer is usually the same; Anywhere where grout has lost it’s color due to fading, imperfections, chemical damage, or in areas that need an “all-new fresh look.”